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Prescription refills

Please take a look at the refill reminders and see what letter or number the text is asking you to reply with. Then send a unique text for each prescription with the number or letter for that prescription only. For instance, if you got three refill reminders, telling you to respond with 1, 2, and 3 to refill, you should reply by typing 1 and sending the text, then 2 and sending the text, and then 3 and sending the text.

The system will not place your refill orders if you send all the numbers or letters in one text.

Yes! When we send refill reminders for more than one prescription at a time, the system identifies which script you are refilling by using the number or letter you reply with. We call these “tie-breakers”. If you have more than one open refill reminder, you will see a message asking you to reply with A and Z, for example, instead of 1 and 9.

To request a prescription refill through text, please respond with the number listed in the initial text. For example, usually the message says, "Reply 1 to refill, 9 for no more reminders." To refill, reply with 1. If you get two messages, and the first says “Reply with 1 to refill” and the second says “Reply with 2 to refill”, you should reply with 1, and then press send. Then, respond with 2 and press send. Each number needs to be sent in their own separate text message so both of your refills will be placed. If you send words, characters, or spaces the automated system will not understand the command and therefore the refill will not go through. 

To restart your reminders and to order your medication refill, you can simply respond to any text message from the pharmacy. Please be sure to only text the Rx number, with no additional characters or letters. If that does not work, you can call your pharmacy directly to refill the prescription. Once the prescription is refilled, you will get the notifications. 

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